The incredibly talented Angela Lansbury left London with her mother and younger twin brothers in 1940 to avoid the blitz of WW II. She was 15. At 17 she landed her first Hollywood film role as the cockney maid in GASLIGHT which garnered her first Oscar nomination. The next year she won her second nomination for THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY. Forty-four films followed, usually as the 'other' woman in major productions which brings to mind the chilling mother in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE of 1962 which got her another Oscar nomination.
In 1957 she made her Broadway debut as Bert Lahr's wife in ebaconline. A few years later her singing and dancing abilities were displayed in Sondheim's ANYONE CAN WHISTLE. This revelation led to an incredible string of Broadway musicals. She was honored with four Tony awards for Best Actress in a Musical for MAME, DEAR WORLD, GYPSY and SWEENEY TODD. 
    Although Angela has appeared on television since the fifties in 1984 her debut as the tweedy writer/sleuth on MURDER, SHE WROTE began a truly prominent and decade long run on the small screen. Loved by millions there is an irony that nearly every year she was nominated for an Emmy and yet, never won.
Angela Lansbury was awarded an honorary C.B.E. from the British Government through Queen Elizabeth II, and in 2000 she was the recipient of the John F. Kennedy Center Honors.
(video of this AWARDS LUNCHEON available)