JUNE ALLYSON... was one of the most popular actresses in the 40's and 50's.  She had a charming personality, a captivating smile, tears that were accessible perfectly on cue, a good dancer and a singing voice that sounded like a mix of honey and sandpaper.  Born Ella Geisman in the Bronx, she began dancing as a young girl and was determined to make a career of it.  Her mother and father separated and she lived with her mother who barely kept things together.  She entered amateur dancing contests and her high school chums dared her to audition for a Broadway show.  She did!
     June was picked for VERY WARM FOR MAY and became a true 'GYPSY'.  Several other shows followed.  In PANAMA HATTIE, she understudied Betty Hutton and went on for her several times.  George Abbott caught her performance and gave her a leading role in BEST FOOT FORWARD.  In true Hollywood tradition she was signed by MGM where her auspicious career mushroomed after proving her talent wasn't limited to musicals like AS THOUSANDS CHEER, GIRL CRAZY, WORDS AND MUSIC and TILL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY.
     June has made more that 42 features.  When her tears became an obvious commodity, she went on to enchant us in films like LITTLE WOMEN, THE STRATTON STORY, EXECUTIVE SUITE, STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND and THE SHRIKE. June, always upbeat, made it all looks so easy and that is why she has remained a star.
(video of this AWARDS LUNCHEON available)