JULIET PROWSE... 'HAVE LEOTARD, WILL TRAVEL!'  is a perfectly appropriate title for her biography. Juliet was born in Bombay,  At the age of three she moved with her parents to South Africa.  It was there she studied and received her ballet training under the auspices of The Royal Academy of Dance.  At seventeen she left for London where she made her transition from ballet to modern and jazz dancing.  It was obvious to Juliet that  en pointe she would tower over her partners.
     Jack Cole used Juliet in his London production of GENTLEMEN MARRY BRUNETTES.  She must have impressed Jack, because when he returned to stage KISMET he called for Juliet to replace the lead dancer who had dropped out of the production.  Juliet learned the role in twenty-four hours and came through brilliantly.  She played the role of 'Princess Samaris' for two years.  After the show closed, she danced in many productions all over Europe, finally settling long enough to be featured in a revue starring the popular Italian comedian, Marcario.  It was during this engagement she decided to work on a dance act with two male partners.  She traveled and played that act in Germany, France and finally joined the Teatro Comico in Barcelona.  Hermes Pan caught her performance and prevailed upon 20th Century Fox to send for her and sign her for a role in his upcoming film, CAN CAN.  Juliet enjoyed doing the film and decided to make California her home. 
     No sooner had she settled into her beautiful new home, when she became a touring company favorite.  She played leads in THE BOY FRIEND, A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC, MAME, SWEET CHARITY, DAMN YANKEES and many others.  Scattered among all these were numerous TV Specials.

(video of this AWARDS LUNCHEON available)