LOUIS DaPRON... made his first professional appearance at the age of four as a member of his parent's dancing act.  They were hoofers.  Their act bravely struggled through canceled dates, bad bookings, one night stands and primitive hotels.  They finally made it to Hollywood where his energetic parents opened a dancing school.  Louis continued his career as a dancer and taught at the school.  There, he developed his own style and the hoofer classification had to be changed to 'tap dancer'.  Louis appeared in several films and happily caught the eyes of choreographers, Leroy Prinz and Nick Castle, who wisely hired him to assist them in their various film assignments.  Soon, Louis made it on his own as a dance master and choreographer on "Jivin' Jacks and Jills", featuring Donald O'Connor and Peggy Ryan at Universal Studios.  Louis and Donald developed a  very close relationship both social and professional.  Louis influenced Donald's dancing enormously and became his favored choreographer.  He gave Donald that lightness and ease which has placed Donald on the very special plateau in the World of Dance.