MILTON BERLE...  There isn't a thing you can think of that Milton Berle hasn't done, theatrically, that is.  Berle danced professionally, and even though Astaire and Kelly never felt threatened enough to throw in their tap shoes, Berle was a good hoofer.  At the age of 12 he danced in the 1920 version of  THE FLORADORA SEXTET.  he also had a partner of his own and they appeared in little clubs.  When reminiscing, he tells a delightful anecdote about an early Opening Night.  Being a dancer he entered as one of a long line of young men, but he was on the wrong foot.  Some failed attempts at correcting himself garnered some of the biggest laughs in the show.  The producers insisted he continue the errors, and Miltie's appreciation of a laugh was born.
     Later, he starred (and danced) in THE ZIEGFELD FOLLIES and SPRING IN BRAZIL.  These appearances were followed by a record breaking run at The Carnival Room in New York and then the unforgettable Texaco Star Theatre which he regularly spiced up with a little Soft Shoe or Time Step.
     In 1912 Milton started his career as a child model.  At 5 years old he was the Buster Brown Shoes boy.  Then, in films he appeared in TILLIE'S PUNCTURED ROMANCE and this led to 18 silent pictures.  Grown-up, he made many notable films like TALL, DARK AND HANDSOME and MARGIN FOR ERROR in comedy roles.  Milton has worn many hats, and an occasional dress or two.  He has served as a director, writer, a serious actor, a lyricist and has even taught a bewildered Shakespearean actor how to read The Bard.  Never tell him a joke.  He'll beat you to the punch line before you can clear your throat.  He is truly one of a kind.

(video of this AWARDS LUNCHEON available)