SHIRLEY MACLAINE...  started dancing at four years of age in Richmond, Virginia.  One wonders if she could possibly have fantasized the extent of here success in the coming years.  Moving to New York, her perseverance, to say nothing of her talent, landed her jobs in several musicals.  As most everyone knows, it was then life imitated the script of many a backstage Hollywood musical.  Shirley went on as Gladays in THE PAJAMA GAME in place of an ailing Carol Haney only to be spotted by producer Hal Wallis in the audience.  Contracts were signed.  After her first picture, THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY, was completed, it was very apparent that Shirley and the camera would be having a lasting affair.  Shirley can do no wrong.  There are no perimeters to her talent.  Whether it be a musical, SWEET CHARITY,  or a comedy, WHAT A WAY TO GO, or a drama, TURNING POINT,  Shirley is equally comfortable with any of these art forms.
     She has starred in over forty films.  She has the respect of her peers and has been nominated six times for an Academy Award and finally won her Oscar for her work in TERMS OF ENDEARMENT.  Without stopping to catch her breath she has been involved in political campaigns, traveled the world championing civil rights and written a shelf full of best sellers.  As a disciple of Tersichore it is fitting that one of her books is titled DANCE WHILE YOU CAN.  Yet, Shirley, the consummate 'GYPSY' has never given up The Dance.  Her night club act and her one woman show, A GYPSY IN MY SOUL,  have both received glowing accolades and are a tribute to the dancer whom she knows so well.

(video of this AWARDS LUNCHEON available)