DONALD O'CONNOR...  His "MAKE 'EM LAUGH" number in SINGING IN THE RAIN is undeniably one of the best dance sequences in film history.  It is Chaplinesque in its pantomime, it is gymnastic in its incredible acrobatic feats, and it is hauntingly appealing with its "Laugh, clown laugh" quality.  His dancing is brilliant, and he manages to keep you laughing and amazed  at his talent.
     Donald more than paid his dues in the Industry. His background was a show biz family that played every little night club, every vaudeville house and endless one nighters go ahead.  The O'Connors finally made it to Hollywood where Donald got little bits that led to a series of teenage musicals with Peggy Ryan.  In short time he attracted the attention of the powers that be and he was cast in more sophisticated roles playing opposite Mitzi Gaynor in ANYTHING GOES and Marilyn Monroe in THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS.  Donald O'Connor will always be remembered as one of the outstanding dancers in film history.